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A selection of our tree surgery works.

Tree Surgery

Our staff are fully trained and certified to carry out works to the highest standards BS3998 (2010).

If your property falls within a conservation area or you have a tree with a TPO on it (tree preservation order) we can apply for the works to be completed. Unlike many other companies we do not charge for this application process once you have accepted our quote.

The kind of tree surgery we carry out includes:

Crown Reducing

One of the most common pruning techniques to control the size of the tree while maintaining the structure and shape of the tree.


Completely removing the tree and cutting the stump level with the ground.

Crown Raising

Removing the lower branches off the crown up to lift the height of the crowns base.


Pollarding is a method of pruning where the crown of the tree is reduced to encourage new growth.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is when we selectively remove inner branches throughout the trees crown.

Deadwood Removal

Removing all the dead branches from the tree.

Site Clearances

Removing all specified trees, shrubs and bushes to clear a site. Typically for building projects or suchlike.

Tree Planting

We have access to a supplier for high quality trees, shrubs and hedging so if you are required to replant a tree after a TPO tree removal or you just want some trees or hedges planting we can help you with that.

All of our works are carried out with the latest and safest methods with both man and/or machine to ensure a professional service and customer satisfaction.

Hedge Cutting

Our team are on hand to deal with your hedges, from one off trims to yearly cuts we will ensure your hedges are kept in good order.

Using professional tools with our high skill set we can cope with large gardens as well as small ones so no job is too big or too small. Unlike a lot of gardeners we have the ability to remove all the cuttings by way of chipping them, leaving your garden clean and tidy. Sometimes a hedge has been left to grow too large and a hedge reduction by us is what’s needed.

No matter what your hedging needs are we have you covered.

Stump Grinding

Having had a tree removed you are left with the stump. Maybe you want to replant or grass over the area. Rather than trying to dig it out (which is not only messy, back breaking and impossible for some stumps) we can grind them out for you. With a range of high quality machines to hand we can cater for stumps from the smallest in size to the largest.

If for some reason we can’t get to the stump to grind it, maybe it’s too close to a wall etc we can use glyphosate caps to kill the stump and prevent regeneration allowing the tree to die off and eventually rot away.

Horse Logging

Horse logging allows for the removal of timber from a forest, copse or SSSI site with very little impact to the environment. Reducing the harm caused to flora and fauna. Some sites are not accessible with a machine so using this traditional method to extract timber is the option.

Fire Wood Processing

Our 37 tonne tow along petrol wood splitter is powerful and quick, perfect for splitting your felled trees up into usable firewood. Its narrow design means we can access most places with it. Hire of this is per day and comes with one man and a saw, contact us today to find out more.

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